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With JMD Technologies LLC, you can expect to receive our time and affordable home security systems! We can install whatever surveillance equipment you’ve chosen for your property in the Tucson, AZ area, control the access as you wish and explain what you’re working with and what to expect. We want you to be safe and keep your assets intact and away from prying eyes, so let us help you set up the equipment that will give you peace of mind!


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CCTV-Surveillance Installation

CCTV-Surveillance Installation

CCTV is a video security system used to monitor a place constantly through a signal on a limited number of monitors. If it’s what you need to have a constant feed – make sure you get us to do the installation so we can guarantee quality!
Alarms Installation

Alarms Installation

Countless people choose to find comfort in installing alarms all over the place. They will keep bad people away and keep the peace. If you want professional alarm installation – you must call us immediately, and we’ll set everything up!
Access Control

Access Control

Do you need to gain access to a security system and have it be limited to you and maybe one other person? We’ll set up access control for your security for you and anyone else you feel should have it. We offer quality work and professionalism!
Wiring and Rewiring

Wiring and Rewiring

There are so many wires involved in setting up any surveillance equipment, and you could get lost! That’s why you can hire us for any wiring and rewiring for your security systems. We can make perfect sense of each wire!
Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

Sitting down and constantly monitoring a space set up with a security system can get bring and take away from your time. Don’t do that to yourself – we offer trustworthy monitoring services for your property!

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Feel Safe At All Times

You can’t constantly sit in one place and monitor everything that’s going on around you – at least not with someone outside help. Sometimes that help can come from an intricate machine meant to follow every movement and report back to any disturbances while you’re not there. But that kind of equipment deserves to be handled by someone with expertise. Call a security equipment supplier in your area – you’ll get the professional setup and necessary how-to!

Let Us Deal With the Setup 

Setting up different surveillance equipment can be difficult and downright frustrating if you’re unsure where the wires go and how to work the entire thing. Well, we have the skills and experience with various systems and know how to set them up all over the property. We offer our supply, knowledge of an exceptional installation, and education on how every system works and how to utilize it for your needs. Let us help you! We’ve specialized in this area of expertise and want to show you how much!

More Areas We Serve

A security system specialist should not be confined to one area. People everywhere need to know what’s going on in their absence. We know our systems are top-shelf and offer all the monitoring you want for your property, so we had to expand and reach out to more counties. We felt it was our duty to help keep people safe and help everyone who wanted it! Hopefully, we can get to you and give you a piece of mind with our top-rate equipment and installation!

  • Valencia West, AZ
  • Flowing Wells, AZ
  • Picture Rocks, AZ
  • Avra Valley, AZ
  • Three Points, AZ 

Call JMD Technologies LLC if you want that professional security system installation that no one else is willing to offer. Security is crucial. Whether you’re trying to protect your assets at the office, keep your employees safe, and want some monitoring in and around your home so you can be at peace while you’re gone all day – we can offer that comfort and safety. We understand the world can be dangerous, and sometimes you want to see what’s happening while you’re not looking. Let us help you – we’re in Tucson, AZ!

Client Testimonials

by Juliet Plankton on JMD Technologies LLC
Trustworthy and Affordable Home Security Systems!

Very affordable home security systems, and they work perfectly! I was very impressed with the quality they provided. Each system I got these guys to set up around the house was exceptional and made me feel safer from the moment they did the installation. Trustworthy guys, and what they offer is top-rate quality!

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Services List

  • CCTV Surveillance Installation
  • Alarms Installation
  • Access Control
  • Wiring and Rewiring
  • Monitoring Services