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We established JMD Technologies LLC in 2022 and can offer more than 12 years of experience in the security equipment supplier industry to those interested in enhancing their safety! If you own a residential or commercial property in and around the Tucson, AZ area and need to know that there will always be an eye on everything, even if you’re not physically there, you need to call with a request for an appointment today! We will come to you or tell you where to meet us so we can discuss the best options!

Video Security System

Video Security System

We Will Keep You Safe

We have a business license and have been bonded and insured, which should put countless people at ease knowing they’re working with legitimate providers of monitoring and safety. If you need to comprehend what your video security system will cover and how you can monitor everything at all times – we’ll explain in detail after setting everything up. You’d have constant virtual eyes for the space you need to keep safe, and we’ll be quick with the installation.

We Hold Comfort in High EsteemĀ 

We offer free estimates, warranties, and discounts as a bonus to our exceptional services, so take advantage. As a security equipment supplier, we provide safety features that will keep you calm and give you peace of mind at all times, so we ensure every detail is in place. We enjoy offering comfort to everyone. We love that people can trust us to give them the feature that will keep them safe and sound, and we want to share our values with all of you!

Call JMD Technologies LLC at (520) 910-0781 and ask about the video security system we can offer for your property. We want you to sit comfortably all day at home or in the office and feel at ease knowing what’s going on everywhere without constantly having to get up and check up on things. We want everyone throughout the Tucson, AZ area to feel safe with our systems and trustworthy installation, so call us and ask how we can make your property, employees, family, and assets safer!

Services List

  • CCTV Surveillance Installation
  • Alarms Installation
  • Access Control
  • Wiring and Rewiring
  • Monitoring Services